Hudson Valley Karate
751 Old Rte 9 N
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

"Changing Lives
Through Martial Arts"

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From Steven Schuchat, Principal, Van Wyck Junior High School:

"On behalf of Van Wyck Junior High School's faculty, staff and administration, I would like to thank you for the outstanding presentation provided to our teachers during Superintendent's Conference Day. I was impressed with the quality of the presentation. The teachers benefitted from your knowledge and expertise in character building.

"The local community has a great deal to offer our children. I look forward to continuing this relationship and building upon the idea of capitalizing on the skills and competencies of residents in strengthening our schools. You have a great deal to offer the children in Wappingers.

"As we move forward into the new decade, let us work together in fulfilling the needs of our young people."

From R. Lombardo:

"I know Hudson Valley Karate is the right choice for my children. The instructors not only teach great Martial Arts technique but my children are also learning valuable lessons in discipline, respect, hard work, responsibility, self-confidence and goodwill that will last a lifetime. My kids now have a Black Belt attitude. Thank you Hudson Valley Karate for your awesome program!"

From the Rizzo Family:

"My son William was introduced into the karate world at the age of 3. We tried an "introductory offer" at a school in Fishkill. We were shocked that the school wanted an annual contract. We did not want to commit to that because of Billy's age, and after two weeks we were not sure he would be able to stick with it for an entire year.

So, we changed schools. After almost 4 years with a karate school that taught Kempo Karate, a Japanese form, Billy was devastated to learn that the school was closing. Due to the economy and the lack of stady enrollment, the school was forced to close its doors.

Then came our quest to find another karate school to fill the void in my son's endeavor. We looked at all the local schools. We observed the students, instructors, and energy levels at the other facilities. We found Hudson Valley Karate the school with the highest level of committed instructors. They are truly superb!! The class schedule was also the most flexible. The monthly fees were comparable. The facility at HVK also impressed us. After a couple of trial classes at the other facilities as well as HVK, Billy chose HVK hands down.

We have not regretted the move to HVK. Billy loves to attend classes at HVK and has long forgotten his disappointment about his other school closing.

Thank you HVK for being the best school ever!!"

From Kathleen DeSocio:

"Hudson Valley Karate's greatest asset lies in the dedication of the instructors to each individual student. No matter the student's rank or ability level, all are attended to with complete focus, encouragement, sincerity and expertise. The superlative instruction offered by the school engenders in each child the belief that he or she can accomplish anything, with focus and discipline. In no small way does this contribute to and support the efforts of parents who wish to instill a value system that fosters self respect and a strong work ethic. Given this, students learn not only to be successful in martial arts, but successfull in life as well.

Thank you again for supporting Millbrook Preschool, and for the continuing support your school avails to its students. "

From Donald Meade:

"I am proud to say that all 4 of my children train at Hudson Valley Karate. My two oldest children have trained with Peter Antonelli for the past 7 years and my two youngest have been training for over a year now. Over the years, I have travelled with my children to other Martial Art facilities to participate in tournaments and other related events. I can assure you that no other school comes close to Hudson Valley Karate's quality of experience. HVK's facility is second to none in terms of equipment, space, and accessibility. His staff is engaging and professional. Most importantly, the quality of product offered by Hudson Valley Karate is top shelf. Besides self defense, Master Antonelli's students are taught respect, discipline, honesty, and compassion. They are taught this by the School's curriculum as well as the words and actions of Peter Antonelli and his staff. Peter Antonelli is dedicated to his students and always put them first, often taking the time to have a "one on one" with his students.

Hudson Valley Karate is the place to be if you want to give your children the foundation and tools necessary to be successful in life. See for yourself!"

From S. Schwartz:

"The Martial Arts program at Hudson Valley Karate has been a great experience for my son. The instructors are great role models and instill self confidence, respect, responsibility, discipline, and focus. Hudson Valley Karate is helping my son become a strong young man with a Black Belt attitude!

Thank You Hudson Valley Karate."

From Billy Smart:

"I have been training at Hudson Valley Karate for 5 years and assistant teaching for about 1 year. HVK feels just like home to me. It's my favorite place in the world. Everybody there is practically family. I always feel very safe and secure. I can't think of a better place to learn and practice karate."

From Susan LaGrande:

"Hudson Valley Karate has provided a wonderful resource for me as an adult student. Physically the classes have greatly improved my strength, flexibility and endurance as well as my overall health. But I have also learned greater self-discipline, focus and perseverance. Master Antonelli has always encouraged me to do more than I think I can, while at the same time respecting the limitations of my aging body. This is so much more satisfying than going to a gym! I highly recommend Hudson Valley Karate to anyone, regardless of age or physical condition."