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Karate Rangers

Karate Rangers Seated Our Karate Ranger program is designed for the younger students. If qualified, students may start the karate ranger class as early as 3½ years old.

In these classes, the students learn the fundamentals of karate, which are the basics for a lot of activities. Balance, coordination, control, and timing are just a few of the physical elements the students learn. Mentally, the students learn about focus, self-discipline, respect and teamwork.

The Karate Rangers class is used as a springboard to our children's classes. Individuals will graduate from this program when the instructor feels a student is ready to move on. A student who starts out as a Karate Ranger is generally a better beginner student because of the solid fundamentals taught in the Karate Rangers class.

From Kathleen DeSocio:

"Hudson Valley Karate's greatest asset lies in the dedication of the instructors to each individual student. No matter the student's rank or ability level, all are attended to with complete focus, encouragement, sincerity and expertise. The superlative instruction offered by the school engenders in each child the belief that he or she can accomplish anything, with focus and discipline. In no small way does this contribute to and support the efforts of parents who wish to instill a value system that fosters self respect and a strong work ethic. Given this, students learn not only to be successful in martial arts, but successfull in life as well.

Thank you again for supporting Millbrook Preschool, and for the continuing support your school avails to its students."