Hudson Valley Karate
751 Old Rte 9 N
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

"Changing Lives
Through Martial Arts"

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Mixed Martial Arts at Hudson Valley Karate!

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What Do We Teach?

Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes are created to give each student experience in many martial arts:
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and a mix of the Striking Arts (Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai).  We pride ourselves on making sure our program is well balanced and focused on the physical fitness and mental development of all of our students.

Our MMA Program:

The Core of Mixed Martial Arts is striking and Jiu Jitsu. Our primary focus is defending against Jiu-Jitsu & wrestling while working on our striking skills and physical conditioning.  MMA has revolutionized the way Martial Artists train, creating very well-rounded athletes.  There isn't an MMA Champion who hasn't trained in all the arts to prepare to be a champion.

Whether you want to compete in MMA, Submission Grappling, Sport Jiu-Jitsu or not compete at all, we will help you feel your best and look your best.  Mixed martial arts is being used for a variety of purposes, such as physical fitness, weight loss, self defense and physical conditioning.  Mixed Martial Arts is an art that can be practiced safely on a daily basis.

Regardless of your reason for training, Mixed Martial Arts addresses all areas of fighting, including how to deal with strikes, takedowns, submissions, holds, and the conditioning of the mind and body. All Classes are taught by professional, very experienced fighters and trainers of the Sport.

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